Running a successful business is challenging enough. Finding customers shouldn't be one of the challenges.

focus on your business, leave the marketing to us

"Marjam and Aiki are an amazing team."

They creatively see both the big picture and have the expertise to implement the myriad of details needed to produce a top-quality result.

You can relax and trust that the details will get done, in a timely and professional manner

This, in turn, frees you to step into your genius zone and flourish.

Bet Diening-Weatherston
Conscious Leadership Presenter and Coach

our 10+ years of international experience is at your service


so you would have more leads to share your offers with, and more loyal customers who want to buy from you again and again.


You have a super offer you want to put out into the world. You have a landing page... But nobody visits it?

We show you that paid advertising can be extremely profitable (and not as expensive as you might think).


If you don't have a landing page and a marketing funnel focused on one offer only, your online sales engine is missing.

Don't waste money on advertising before we create a well-oiled marketing funnel for you.


If you want to get more customers but don't know where to start, we're here for you. Your business deserves a proven marketing strategy.

Once there's a strategy, we'll put all our efforts into taking action so that sales can rocket.

your business,

our next

success story?

We have been the strategical (and tactical!) marketing partners for NY Times best-selling authors and coaches as well as international investment projects.

Our experience ranges from personal growth field to finance, tourism and everything in between.

Is your venture our next success story?







let the results

do the talking


Landing page conversion rate - free offer targeting a cold audience.

Out of 10 total strangers who visited the page, 2-3 registered for a free offer. 


Click-through rate (CTR) for paid ads - Facebook & Instagram ads targeting a cold audience.

For comparison: Facebook experts have shared in our meetings that 1% is okay, anything above 2% is great and should be boosted.

about us

We've been a team for more than 7 years. So long? Yes! We just click and clients love the synergy we bring on board.

Marketing is a very broad term, and our knowhow is broad as well, but our main focus today is on marketing campaigns and sales funnels (read: online client experience targeted to results). For years we've been working with an international best-selling author and founder of The Journey, Brandon Bays. We've also had great success with numerous high-end investment companies, coaches, as well as small businesses.

Marjam has studied journalism and political science at the University of Tartu, and Aiki has studied marketing and economics at the Tallinn University of Technology.

Our passion for online marketing has led us to study under some of the best in the field,including Frank Kern, Marie Forleo, Aaron Fletcher, Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi.

We’re not just marketing nerds, we love taking action, as actions speak louder than words! As our client, you will be surprised by how proactive we are and how fast the projects move along.

Want to give us a try? Contact us today to get started.

real results

from real partnerships

In the 10+ years that Marjam and Aiki have been working with us, they have become like our in-house marketers.

They are always there for both strategic advice and tactical action.

Whether it's paid advertising campaigns practical creating and delivering sales funnels, I trust them 100% and have never been disappointed.

Gaby Burt

The Journey International Director

Aiki is Creator with a capital letter.

She's constantly learning and testing new digital marketing tricks - so you never have to worry whether your digital marketing practical is keeping up with the times.

Such people are in high demand for any marketing project that requires leadership.

Maria-Kristiina Vares

Marketing Project Manager

I've done a lot of projects with Aiki. Recently she trained the women entrepreneurs in my Mastermind on how to create an engaging social media profile and boost online sales.

As always, the content of the training was excellent and received very positive feedback from participants.

Working with Aiki, I can always be sure that what she delivers is creative, practical, and tailor-made.

Birgit Jürgenson

Self-Leadership Coach

Projects are always done with enthusiasm and great care, always with long-term goals in mind.

Peeter Pärtel

Entrepreneur, Investor and Trainer

I know Marjam as a creative and bright person whose hard work I trust 100%.

Viljo Vabrit

Speero by ConversionXL founder, Business Coach

I help merchants get the most out of Shopify.

And I know, Aiki can turn a mediocre landing page into a top notch conversion machine. She did it with my landing page 🙂

Erik Allak

Founder of Pulsev

Aiki stands out for her work ethic, bright personality and ability to get things done without fuss.

A professional and positive person from whom you can only expect good service.

Heili Strite

Founder of Strite Consulting

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